Usage limits

We place rate limits on accessing our service to make sure usage doesn't exceed levels that we consider reasonable (given that we're providing a free service without 3rd party advertising). These are mainly intended to protect against excessive use by automated services rather than impacting typical users. These limits are currently:

Action Limit (per hour) Limit (per day)
Shortening a URL 200 4,800
Looking up a shortened URL 3,600 86,400
Viewing URL statistics 60 1,440

These limits are enforced on a per-IP basis, so you'd typically only encounter them when a single machine or server makes heavy use of our resources. API apps that run on client machines, browser plugins etc. would typically not run into them. Note that there isn't a specific limit per day, we've just calculated the maximum usage you could make within the hourly limit for easy reference.

These limits use a combined counter so, for example, you couldn't look up 3,600 URLs and also shorten 200 within the same hour.